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Spring thing
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm back from the Big Apple!!!

 Gap's amazing new LEGGING JEANS!!! Jeans, $69.50 exact wash I purchased
Hi to all who may be listening at this moment...I just got back from New York on Sunday and I'm sorry I haven't written. I needed to think about what I would write about on my blog because I want it to be the best it can be for my followers. Oh and you will probably hate me for saying this but I DID NOT buy ANYTHING in New York!!! Shocker right? I didn't know that almost all of the stores there close at 8 or 9, oh well. Now I know what to do next time I'm there shop. I had a blast! But my dad did get me a Tarina Tarantino skull ring with red rhinestone eyes and I love it. Her jewelry is fantastic!!! I have always wanted one of her pieces and I actually went to the store. It felt cool to be in the actual designer store. The whole experience was so much fun. OH! Here we go. I just went out and bought new stuff for school yesterday and was in shopping heaven! I have been looking for the perfect pair of jeans forever and I had no jeans before yesterday. That was until I decided to go into the GAP for the first time in my shopping life. They have the most comfortable jeans on the planet!! I tried on the GAP 1969 Legging Jeans that model Sasha Pivovarova wears in the editorial ad and fell in love. The best thing about these jeans is that they strech to fight your body not the other way around. They are so comfy!!! I scored because they are having a sale where you buy one pair of jeans and get the second pair for only $20 bucks. I only liked the wash that Sasha wears in the ad personally so I got two pairs of jeans with similar but not the same medium wash. One is more faded on the legs. They are totally worth every penny. I also discovered that GAP makes the most comfortable v-neck t-shirts I have EVER put on my back. They are so light weight and breezy and I got two. One in dark heather gray and one in vibrant burnout blue. Trust me they are the best v-necks ever!!! I also checked out Madonna's MATERIAL GIRL line at Macy's and picked up awesome and affordable pieces to amp up my fall wardrobe. I bought a black belt with a bow with studs on it for $15. A black pleather bandeau to layer underneath anything for $5. A lovely sequined pink crop top with black hearts on it for $20, and my personal fave: a pair of basic black harem pants with the classic Madge band at the bottom for $20 as well. Totally affordable and so fun. I plan to soon go to the thrift store and try and find pieces that look like that of what is on the fall runways right now and will start to post pictures of my outfits and finds. Thank you all so much.
 My Awesome Tarina Tarantino Ring I got in New York!!!

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