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Life on the Farm
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Spring thing
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Look Fabulous Without Hurting your Wallet

I love that feeling of confidence I get whenever I walk into a room and I have on a great outfit. Although, at times even I wonder why I threw that outfit together. What was I really thinking. I don't know. I guess what it really comes down to is a sole inspiration, or the throw and go technique which I still need lots of help with because I get distracted by my tv in the much gossip to catch up with on the dailies. I love it. But you know what I love even more: FASHION!!!!! A picture of a favorite celebrity, a color, a mood, style is a reflection of your personality and your self as a person, unique and awesome in your own way. I sometimes see a picture of one of my icons like supermodel Agyness Deyn on the streets of  London, Taylor Momsen in New York, a dated picture of my all time icon Audrey Hepburn or a recent Teen Vogue fashion story and think what do I have that sort of looks like that and how can I make it my own. My advice to all of you fashionistas worried about how to find the latest trends or setting your own in this economy is:
My fave option is to search local thrift and consignment shops first to find anything one of a kind and vintage for really cheap that you can mix in with the more pricey pieces for that thrown together and altogether amazing finishing look.
I then turn to my favorite stores at the mall like Forever 21 where I can always find really affordable fun and fresh pieces that are very edgy to combine with the more time-tinged items, like a 1940s frock.
Urban Outfitters always has really cool mod-style clothing, kind of modern vintage, for the girl wanting a newer creative piece for a little more than the price at the thrift store.
I love the jeans at Nordstrom Rack which isn't really a mall store, but they have the greatest shoes by your favorite designers like Steve Madden for less which I love.
Okay, I am not going to lie but I do, every girl does, occasionally splurge every once in a while. My go to splurge items just for that extra bit of blam are as follows:
I love Betsey Johnson jewelry, her pieces are always very fun and crazy, but thats how I like my jewels. Her jewelry line isn't insanely pricey just right, technically still fits the budget friendly category.
I really like the lipstick at MAC and everyone at school always asks, are you wearing lipstick? Yeah, but that is ok by me because it is something different but something definitely fun to do, I always feel more confident with a bold shade of lipstick. Price range: $14 a shade, so that is very rare that I buy a tube of MAC but I love it still. A budget friendlier line with great lipsticks I own more of is probably Maybelline Color Sensational and Sephora Brand. Price Range: $5 and $12.
Okay fellow fashion lovers, I will keep you posted on any fabulous things I find that I can wear and I will try to post the outfits I feel are fashion forward and affordable (which all of them pretty much are less than 25 dollars) on the blog in the near future. Happy Shopping!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tales of the Sale

I recently went to one of my favorite stores for a great bargain, Forever 21 was having a sale on select outerwear, I just scored an awesome jacket that looks just like a Balmain recreation except different. It used to be 32.80 and I got it for as little as 16.99. I was glad that I didn't shop on an impulse and buy it the first time I saw it because I would have regretted it! I also got home to find that my mom after her day of thrift store shopping found a pristine vintage Letterman's sweater from the 1950s. I'm so excited to wear it with the beat up old Rod Stewart slip ons I got for only $2! So, I ended up with some pretty good steals you couldn't find anywhere for less than $4 at my local thrift shop. I would definitely recommend The Wasteland in San Fransisco if you and your girls are planning a road trip anytime soon or if you are close by. It is the best place to find awesome one of a kind vintage that is practically brand new. The most recent and first time I went, I found an Adam Ant concert shirt for $42, a neon pink sweater for $15 and a really cool russian-ish, british guard hat for $28. A little pricey for me, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it. Despite my obbsession with everything eighties, since it is winter, I am going to store some of my (crazier) pieces away for a while.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I love Forever 21!

Recently I went on an all-day shopping trip with my mom to find great pieces to wear for back to school. Of course, my favorite mall store is Forever 21 because it is affordable and always carries cute things that I can mix with my thrift store finds for the perfect outfit.I found a great military looking jacket for 32.80 which I hardly ever spend more than thirty dollars on an item of clothing or I end up feeling guilty knowing how much I can get for that at the thrift store I shop at. I also scored a blue and black striped pencil skirt for only 8.50!!! Whenever I go to Forever 21 its so hard not to buy any jewelry so I end up buying more jewelry than clothes. I found some great neon rings, dangly earrings in different colors, a pink silouhette necklace, and my favorite, a pearl bracelet topped with a bow that is filled with assorted colored gems for only 7.80! I ended up with so much loot all for under a hundred. If you can't find anything to wear in this economy that is fashion forward then Forever 21 is a great place for the fashionista on a limited budget. Happy shopping!!!


Even Halloween is a Fashion Opportunity!

The Bride

My Mom made this Fashionable Bride costume. She bought a vintage old wedding dress, soaked it in black dye so it would get that "old" look. She quickly rinsed it so it would not totally dye all the way. I worked at a haunted house for charity and we stained it with fake blood...I also found an old wig at the thrift shop. My total costume was like $8.00.